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Congratulations to Ms Searles and Mr Bride

We are so pleased to announce that Ms Allanah Searles and Mr Josh Bride gave birth to their son, Sullivan Henry, in the early hours of Sunday 15th October. I’m sure everyone will join me in congratulating Allanah and Josh as they welcome little Sully into the world.

2024 Enrolments

With planning and preparation well underway for 2024, it is vital that we are aware of enrolment changes for next year. If you know that your child/children will not be attending Boronia Heights Primary School in 2024, it would be appreciated if you would inform teachers and the office staff as soon as possible. Your attention to this will assist us greatly with forward planning.

Class Placements for 2024

Over the coming weeks our teaching staff start to meet to place students in classes for 2024. A great deal of consideration and thought goes into this process. Teachers analyse academic data to ensure an even spread of students, discuss social relationships and individual student needs to ensure that we provide the best learning opportunities for all our students.

If you have any information about your child’s academic, behavioural, physical or social factors which you would like us to consider when deciding class placements please put any requests in writing to me by emailing  All requests must be received by Friday 27th October.

Please note that it is not appropriate to include requests relating to particular teachers. Your requests will be shared with the teachers to assist them to develop the class lists. If you have particular concerns that you do not wish to be shared with the teachers, please make contact with me.

Thank you in anticipation of working with us and for your understanding as we set our school up for more high-quality teaching and learning next year.

Market Night 20th October

We are looking forward to our Market night at BHPS on Friday. The ‘Hubsters’ have been incredibly busy to make this community night a success.  We are looking forward to having our school community, friends and family join in what will be a lovely night. The weather looks like it’s going to be very kind to us too. Hot food will be available for snacks and dinner with over 50 stalls including our staff stalls ready to sell up big.  The Market stalls will be open from 4:00pm and closing at 7:30pm.

A massive thank you to the parents that have already put their hands up to support their child’s classroom stall or indeed if they have a stall themselves, however we are still in need of support for classroom stalls, please… please…. please contact your classroom teacher to volunteer, even if it is for 30 minutes.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out and about on Friday enjoying our school grounds and starting your Christmas shopping early.

Colour Run 22nd November

You all should have received information regarding our upcoming Colour Run.  Thank you to those families who have already obtained sponsors.  Please remember that you do need to let your classroom teacher know if your child will not be participating.  If your child has asthma, please make sure that all medication is at school and up to date. Also, we have been informed that the colour may be difficult to wash from blonde hair, I think I am going to be wearing a hat or shower cap even (no photos please on the day!!!). We are encouraging children to wear a white t-shirt to show the brilliant colours up. Sunglasses and a wrist band will be supplied.

We will be asking for parent volunteers to help cover our children in colour next week. More information to come.

This term has started with a bang, so many excursions and incursions happening and many events to put in your diary.

Conflict in the Middle East

With the constant news reports on TV, radio and social media, it’s hard to escape the reality of what’s happening in Israel and Gaza at the moment. Many people in our community may be affected by these devastating events, with staff, students, families and carers potentially having family and friends caught up in the conflict. Please be assured that if your child needs support in understanding what’s going on, or perhaps they may have seen something that’s extremely upsetting, we are here to help. At our school, this includes speaking with your child’s teacher first, and they can support you in getting referrals to see our School Welfare Officer, Sarah McIntosh, if needed. You may also wish to contact external services including:

Garden Helpers

On Thursday afternoon we had some amazing parent volunteers help tidy the gardens near the shade sail and grade 4 rooms. Thank you so much to Catherine Devlin (and Catherine’s friend, Rebecca), Steve Geddes, Kerry Bibby and Deb Boettcher. These parents were ably helped by Aayla and Luke in Grade 6, Owen H, Darcy and Kayder in grade 4. They weeded and spread mulch through the garden to make it look extra special for our Market Night. We are very appreciative of their time and effort to support our school.

Referendum result

As a school, it is important that we maintain impartiality when it comes to matters such as elections and referendums. We are lucky to live in a democracy where people can express their opinions on key issues of national importance. Having said this, I want to recognise the impact the referendum result may have on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families. For many people, the referendum has been – and will continue to be – a sensitive topic, and it’s important that we continue to engage with each other in respectful ways.

Support is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families by contacting Yarning SafeNStrong on 1800 959 563 or 13YARN.

Thank you to community members

A beautiful community member and close neighbour, Daphne, has donated knitted goods for our Market Night. Daphne has no close links with the school at this time – she’s just done this out of the kindness of her heart. We thank Daphne very much for her contribution to the school.

We are also lucky to have received a donation of mulch from Tom at TLC Trees in Bayswater. This mulch is greatly appreciated, so thank you Tom!

Have a great week.

Mat Anderton

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