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Year 5 Artist Incursion

Local artist Andrea McLaughlin hosted two workshops with the Year 5 students during art lessons this term. Andrea is an accomplished artist working across a broad range of mediums; students had a chance to learn about her life as an artist and view a collection of her artwork.

Andrea demonstrated many sketching and painting techniques during these sessions and helped guide students to create their own artwork of an animal. Students found an animal photograph as inspiration for their artwork and learnt how to use grid lines to enlarge their drawing, as well as how to paint a range of textures to bring their animal to life.

We were lucky enough to see Andrea in action as she sketched and painted an artwork of a fox! Students were able to see behind the scenes how an artwork is created and learn valuable skills to apply in their own artwork.

The Year 5’s will continue to work on their painting over the coming art lessons and I look forward to putting them on display when they are complete!

Tara Henstock

Visual Arts Teacher

Weeding Bees

Premier’s Reading Challenge

20 days to go!! Time to enter all the books you’ve read this year, if you haven’t already. Every student who completes the Reading challenge will receive a certificate. Our top 10 readers who have read the most books this year will receive a certificate, a PRC pin and a book. Certificates will be given out during term 4. The winning class of the pizza lunch will be announced once the challenge is closed and they will enjoy their yummy lunch during term 4. It’s a real battle between 2B and 2D!

Here are the details on how to login and add books at home.

Logging in with a Challenge passcode

Your teacher will give you a Challenge username and passcode. Keep them in a safe place.

If you lose or forget your Challenge passcode, ask your Challenge coordinator (Mrs Bentley) to generate a new one for you.Go to the Challenge application.

  1. Select the Login links then School/Student button.
  2. Select the VPRC login option.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Select Login.

Adding books to your reading list

  1. Select Search Books in the side menu.
  2. Enter the book’s name, author, series name or ISBN number in the search field.
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. Find th-e book you want from the search results and select the book title. This will open the book details.
  5. Select the +Add book button.
  6. Return to your Dashboard from the menu, click on Finish underneath each book you have added.
  7. The books you have finished will then be verified by Mrs Bentley

The books will appear in your reading list on your dashboard.

Students can log into Accessit (our Library system) from home, to view the books they have borrowed in Library and add them to the Premier’s Reading Challenge too. Once logged in, click on your name and select my borrowing details, then borrowing history.!dashboard

Happy Reading!

Leanne Bentley


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