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The Amazing Adventures of Superstan

As you’ve no doubt heard, preparations for our 2023 musical production, The Amazing Adventures of Superstan are well underway. Lead role rehearsals have begun this week and classes have started working on some of the songs. This year’s production will be held at the Besen Centre, a 924 seat theatre at Mount Scopus College, next to Deakin University in Burwood. Our usual venue at Yarra Valley Grammar in Ringwood will be undergoing construction works from Term 3 onwards, which meant it was unavailable for hire. I’ve been to visit the Besen Centre and it’s a fantastic venue. It’s a 30 minute drive from Boronia, so in reality, not too much further than Yarra Valley.

The Amazing Adventures of Superstan is another wonderful show from Craig Hawes (who wrote our last two productions Star Warts: The Umpire Strikes Back and Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies). It is based on the comic book / movie character of Superman. Our ‘Clark Kent’ is Stanley Marvel, an ordinary guy from the city of Megaville. He becomes Superstan, in an effort to save Megaville from the evil clutches of The Candy King, his evil scientists (Dr. What. Dr. When & Dr. Why) and his minions. Stanley is helped along the way by his best friend, DC, the Mayor, his Gran and her friends, Frank, Gloria and Bernice (collectively known as ‘The Crumblies), the Megaville Marines and the many citizens of Megaville. Don’t forget our newspaper and TV reporters who keep us informed along the way!

Our show will take place on the nights of Wednesday 19th July and Thursday 20th July. All 5/6 students will attend both performances, whilst Prep-4 students will be allocated to either the Wednesday or Thursday night. Prep-4 siblings will be kept together on the same night. More information will be coming home throughout the semester, in regards to ticketing, costuming, t-shirt sales and many other exciting things!

In the meanwhile, I would like the congratulate the following students from Year 5 and 6, who have gained a lead acting role in our show:

Simon Fox

Performing Arts & Music Specialist Teacher


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