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Principal’s Report

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Semester 1 reports

Semester 1 reports are now available to parents on Compass. Parents who may be new to the school’s reporting system may be unsure what all the “dots” mean when you read your child’s reports, so I thought it might be worthwhile giving you a brief explanation.

Schools are required to report to parents at least twice a year, however we also provide additional information to you as part of our continuous reporting cycles, which means you receive relevant and timely updates about your child’s progress. Within the report document, you will see sections that have black dots located on a grid. These dots represent the achievement your child is making according to the Victorian Curriculum. The levels are indicative of your child’s year level. For example, if your child is in Year 3 and the dot is in the middle of the Level 3 box, it means they are at the expected level. If the dot was at the edges of the Level 3 box, they are either 6 months ahead/below the expected level according to where the dot was placed.

You may also see a white open dot which indicates your child’s previous result according to their last school report, followed by a dashed line and a black dot indicating their current progress. If your child is also in, for example, Year 3 and you don’t see a white dot and dashes, it can indicate a few things. Either, your child is new to the school and the system doesn’t know the previous score, or your child may not have made sufficient progress to place them at the next level yet. If this is the case, it doesn’t mean your child has not made any progress. It may be that your child’s teacher has assessed their skills but cannot definitively say they are meeting the standards at the next level at this point in time.

If you have any questions about your child’s report, please speak to their teacher and I’m sure they can help answer your questions.

Preparing for the new Victorian Curriculum version 2.0

Earlier this week the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) released the updated Victorian Curriculum version 2.0. Our teachers have been learning about changes to the Mathematics and English curriculum since the beginning of the year, and now we will start familiarising ourselves with the other 6 learning areas (Science, The Arts, Humanities, Languages, Health & Physical Education and Technologies).

The curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills every student should learn during their first 11 years of schooling to become lifelong learners, confident individuals, and active and informed citizens. Each subject has a number of achievement standards that states what a child should be able to know and do at the end of each year of school. These standards are used by teachers to measure progress and report to parents.

Roughly every five years, the VCAA release an updated version of the curriculum that introduces new content, removes certain aspects and modifies statements. The latest version of the curriculum is designed to be easier for teachers to understand a child’s progression of learning. This helps them when planning units of work and assessing learning.

Part of our work over the next few years as we introduce the new curriculum is to review our planners to align with the revised content. We will also be looking at our assessment program to ensure we are getting the right information about where the kids are at according to the curriculum achievement standards.

If you want to check out the new curriculum yourself, go to

Visiting Primary School Nurse

Nicole Joyce, a visiting primary school nurse from the Department of Education, will be attending the school in August to conduct the Prep health assessments and to see other children as requested by teachers (with parents’ consent).

The purpose of the visit is to provide children in their first year of primary school with the opportunity to have a health assessment; to link children, families and school communities to services available in the community; and to provide information and advice that promotes health and wellbeing.

The confidential questionnaire will provide important information about your child’s health so the nurse can make an effective assessment. If your child requires further assessment, such as vision, hearing or speech assessments the nurse will see him or her at school.

A postcard will be sent home with a QR code which will link to the Student Health Questionnaire.

Parents are invited to contact the visiting primary school nurse if there are any issues they wish to discuss. The contact number is 0459 873 959.


Congratulations to Sammy L in Year 3 (featured on the cover of this newsletter). She submitted an acrostic poem to the Boronia & The Basin Community News Young Writers Initiative and was one of two winners for the month of June.

End of term

With Term 2 finishing on Friday 28th June, I hope everyone has a safe and happy school holiday period. Just a reminder that we finish at 2:30pm today and Term 3 begins on Monday 15th July.

Kind regards,

Mat Anderton

Dates to Remember

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Term Dates 2024

Term 1 29 January – 28 March
Term 2 15 April – 28 June
Term 3 15 July – 20 September
Term 4 7 October – 20 December



28 June Assembly at 2:00pm
28 June Last day of Term 2 – School dismissal at 2.30pm 
15 July 1st day of Term 3
26 July Prep 2025 Applications due
26 July Chocolate Fundraiser monies due
26 July School Disco
9 August District Athletics
23 August Year 5 & 6 Summer Sports Day 1
6 September Year 5 & 6 Summer Sports Day 2
11 September Curriculum Day
20 September Last day of Term 3. Dismissal at 2.30pm
7 October First day of Term 4
25 October Twilight Market
4 November Curriculum Day
20 November Year 5 Surfing Excursion
21 November Year 6 Surfing Excursion
20 December Last day of School. Dismissal at 1.30pm


School News

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Library News

Book Week Celebrations – August 19th – 23rd

Next term we have the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week and we will be celebrating with a Book Character dress up day, Book Fair and whole school incursion.

On Monday 19th August, we will start with our Book Character Dress up day. Students can come dressed as their favourite Book Character and we will hold a whole school parade at 9.15am. We welcome our school community to come along and have some fun with us as we share our costumes. The upcoming school holidays is a great opportunity to start thinking about and preparing costumes. You may like to decorate a hat, decorate a t-shirt or use any items you have at home to represent your book character.

On Thursday 22nd August we have an incredible incursion with a live production, Maybe a Miracle! Perform Education will provide us with an educational musical adventure linked to this year’s Book Week theme, Reading is Magic. The production will run two sessions, Prep – 2, aimed at junior students and a 3-6 production for senior primary students. This incursion has been booked with an early bird fee for families of $8.10 per student. More information will be sent out at the start of term 3.

Our annual Book Fair will begin on Monday 19th of August and finish Friday 23rd of August. The Book Fair will be open to students during their Library session where students can bring cash in a named envelope to purchase new, fantastic quality and popular books. Junior and senior fiction books, activity packs, journals, picture story books and non-fiction books will all be available for as little as $2 and up to $30. Book Fair will also be open to families between 3.30pm and 4pm each day, in the Library. In order to run a smooth and successful Book Fair we are asking for parent volunteers to help us out after school each day, for half an hour. If you are available and able to support us as a cashier, supervising and supporting queries, can you please fill in the form below and return it to the school office or email me at Your time and support is always greatly appreciated.

Cash sales and EFTPOS will be available at the Book Fair.



I can help out at the Book Fair on these days (please tick the days you are available):

Name:                                                                                                  Contact number:

Monday 19th August 3.30-4pm  
Tuesday 20th August 3.30-4pm  
Wednesday 21st August 3.30-4pm  
Thursday 22nd August 3.30-4pm  
Friday 23rd August  3.30-4pm  


Premier’s Reading Challenge

75 days to go!! Continue to add all the books you have read this year into the Premier’s Reading Challenge website. We have over 200 students who have already completed the challenge and more than 8000 books read. Certificates of Completion will be given out during term 4. The winning class of the pizza lunch will be announced once the challenge is closed and they will enjoy their yummy lunch during term 4. It’s a very close competition between 2C, 3C and 4B!

Here are the details on how to login and add books at home.

Logging in with a Challenge passcode

Your teacher will give you a Challenge username and passcode. Keep them in a safe place.

If you lose or forget your Challenge passcode, ask your Challenge coordinator (Mrs Bentley) to generate a new one for you. Go to the Challenge application.

  1. Select the Login links then School/Student button.
  2. Select the VPRC login option.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Select Login.

Adding books to your reading list

  1. Select Search Books in the side menu.
  2. Enter the book’s name, author, series name or ISBN number in the search field.
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. Find th-e book you want from the search results and select the book title. This will open the book details.
  5. Select the +Add book button.
  6. Return to your Dashboard from the menu, click on Finish underneath each book you have added.
  7. The books you have finished will then be verified by Mrs Bentley

The books will appear in your reading list on your dashboard.

Students can log into Accessit (our Library system) from home, to view the books they have borrowed in Library and add them to the Premier’s Reading Challenge too. Once logged in, click on your name and select my borrowing details, then borrowing history.!dashboard

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Reading!

Leanne Bentley

Mountain Highway Intersection Upgrade Update

Beginning next week, we’ll commence tree root investigations at the Mountain Highway, Colchester Road and Albert Avenue intersection to prepare for utility service relocations, which will begin at the end of the holidays.

Here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Temporary lane closures and a reduced 40km/h speed limit through the work zone.
  • Traffic management personnel on-site to help direct drivers and pedestrians safely through the work zone.
  • Temporary traffic lights on-site at various stages of construction.
  • Medium to high noise levels at different stages, particularly when we remove the road surface and dig trenches – we’ll work to minimise noise as much as possible.
  • Temporary bus stop relocations – with signage and on-site traffic controllers directing patrons to the nearest alternative bus stops.
  • Pedestrian detours in some areas- our traffic controllers will be on site to safely guide students around any temporary footpath closures

The majority of our work will be completed between 7:00am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. We’ll let you know if we need to work outside these times.

Bild Group





Student Welfare

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Please see below for students with NDIS Funding and their siblings.



Sarah McIntosh
Student Welfare





From the Office

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Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser



2025 Prep Enrolments

2025 Prep enrolments will now be digital, you can fill in your 2025 application for enrolment form via the link below:

Name Your Belongings

We know you treasure your uniform and books. Please remember to label all uniform, books and belongings coming to school. Like most years, we have had an incredible amount of lost property through the year. The majority was unnamed, along with illegible tags. We would love lost items to boomerang back to your kids.

Achievements and Awards

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Principal’s Award Winners

Congratulations to our Term 2 Principal’s Award Winners!!

Year Level Name
Prep Grace A
Year 1 Jason H
Year 2 Emily B
Year 3 Tristan S
Year 4 Piper M
Year 5 Mackenzie S
Year 6 Jacinta W



Care Award Winners – Term 2 – Achievement

Week 1 Year Level Name
Prep Brooks
Year 1 Mitchell
Year 2 Zack
Year 3 Annabelle
Year 4 Alex
Year 5 Dom
Year 6 Hayley
Week 3 Year Level Name
Prep Jayce
Year 1 Xavier
Year 2 Kip
Year 3 Baxter
Year 4 Milla
Year 5 Madi
Year 6 River
Week 5 Year Level Name
Prep Ari
Year 1 Ava
Year 2 Chase
Year 3 Hunter
Year 4 Finn
Year 5 Charlotte
Year 6 6A, 6B & 6C
Week 7 Year Level Name
  Prep Hunter
Year 1 Devu
Year 2 Blake
Year 3 Paige
Year 5 Caleb
Year 6 Chance
Week 9 Year Level Name
  Prep Archer
Year 1 Charlie
Year 2 Xavier
Year 3 Carter
Year 4 Lili
Year 5 Liam
Year 6 Eden, Bella, Rubi & Ari


The Hubsters

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Chocolate Drive

Thank you so much to the families who have returned the money for their chocolate box so promptly.

The due date for all money is by Friday 26th July

School Disco

Twilight Market

Our Twilight Market is locked in for the 25th October 2024. Click here to follow the event page on Facebook. If you know a business who would be keen to sponsor the event, please contact us on 9729-2614.

The Entertainment Book



Leah Hodgson
Boronia Heights Hubsters







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Community News

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