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Division Cross Country

On Friday the 2nd of June we had 10 students represent BHPS at Division Cross Country. A huge congratulations to for Gaia come 8th place and will be representing BHPS at the Regional Cross Country event on the 13th of June at Yarra Valley Racecourse. To all our students who attended on the day we are so proud of you and your tremendous effort!

Gaia – 8th, Qianna – 35th, Lani – 16th, Ruby – 24th, Sophie – 15th , Paddy 27th, Callan 28th, Levi 31st, Owen 20th.

School Swimming (Prep, 1 & 3)


The Prep Teachers are thrilled to share the wonderful experience we had with our kids at Knox Leisureworks for a one-week intensive swimming program. It was a fantastic opportunity for the Preps to not only improve their swimming skills, but to also develop a greater understanding of water safety. The swimming teachers at Knox Leisureworks were exceptional, providing expert guidance and engaging lessons throughout the program.

The entire week ran smoothly, and we would like to express our gratitude to the parent helpers who generously dedicated their time and support. Without their support this program would not have been possible.

One of the highlights for our Preps was the bus journey to the pool! It was their first time on a school bus, and they were filled with excitement each trip.

Overall, it was a very rewarding experience for our Preps and we heard from many parents how well they slept that week! We are very proud and delighted to have witnessed their enthusiasm and growth throughout the swimming week.


A few weeks ago, the Year 1 students had our Swimming Program at Knox Leisureworks. We were filled with excitement on the Monday when we arrived at school with our swimming bags in tow. After a short bus ride, we got changed into our bathers and begun our first lesson.

Throughout the week we learnt all about different swimming strokes, practicing our kicking, floating, freestyle and backstroke. On the Thursday we had a fantastic fun day where we got to go on the Slide and play some great water-based games like Volleyball and Mr Wolf! We concluded the week with some lessons on water safety. It was so funny having to swim in the pool with our regular clothes on!

Well done on a great week of swimming, Grade 1’s


In Week 6, the Year Three students participated in a week full of fun at Knox Leisureworks swimming pool. Students consolidated a wide range of skills in their daily lessons including vital water safety techniques.

The students loved participating in the program. The following statements summarises their experience:

Max – I thought it was fun being able to swim with our clothes on during safety day. It was really hard to swim when you were in clothing.

Audrey – Fun day was good. We got to play some fun games.

Noah – I liked safety day when we got to swim with our eyes open underwater and we were not able to use goggles!

The teachers and support staff were so impressed by the effort, responsibility, and CARE values the students upheld whilst representing our school. Well done Year Three students!

Interschool Sports Helpers (Grade 5 & 6)

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who helped us at Interschool Sports on the 6/6 and 15/6. Paul Ireland, Kim Brimelow, Jackie Gould, Kitty Bucher, Shirani Wright, Gail Johnson, Tracy Vervoort, Sue Annells, Rebekah Annells, James Burrows, Emma Jones, Claire Hall, Michael Taylor, Sarah Kiss. From all the Year 5/6 teachers and myself, we are incredibly grateful for you giving your time to our students. We cannot attend these days without the support from volunteers so thank you very much.


Division Girls Footy Gala Day

On Thursday the 8th of June, 18 girls, Peter Baker and myself headed to Kings Park on a wet day to play some football. The girls had an absolute blast of a day. They were covered from head to toe in mud by the last game with huge smiles on their faces. The team placed 6th out of 14 schools, moving up in the ranks from 8th place last year. A huge thank you to Peter Baker who coached on the day along with Emily Airs who was injured, who proved to be an amazing assistant coach.


Place School
1st Karoo
2nd Park Ridge
3rd Lysterfield
4th St Simons
5th Waverley CC
6th Boronia Heights
7th Mountain Gate
8th St Lukes
9th St Bernadettes
10th Templeton
11th Wantirna South
12th Heany Park
13th Wattleview PS
14th Bayswater South PS


Wonder Recycling Program

Just a reminder that BHPS is taking part in the Wonder Recycling Rewards campaign this year!
Help us collect EMPTY bread bags so we can earn points to redeem on new RHS sports equipment (they don’t need to be bread bags from the Wonder brand). All you need to do is keep your empty bread bags and send them to school with your kids! Collection point is at the front office. Let’s get collecting! 

As collections close 7th July –         We would be so appreciative to have all bags by the last of term FRIDAY 23rd JUNE


Taylah Smith
Physical Education Teacher and Sport Co-ordinator


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