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Interschool Sports Helpers Needed (Year 5 & 6)

We are looking for helpers for the upcoming Summer Interschool Sports days on the 29/8 and 14/9. If you are interested in helping out, please send an email to You must have a current WWCC and have signed the school code of conduct (this needs to be completed annually).

Wonder Recycling Program

A huge well done to everyone for bringing in their plastic bread bags for the Wonder Recycling Program. We collected two whole boxes and received 1200 points to spend on sporting equipment for our school. Our collections have been delivered to Wonder’s recycling partner APR Plastics where they manage the recycling process. APR Plastics empty the cartons and recycle the boxes. The plastic is then processed into an oil that can be reused to create food grade packaging, creating a circular economy.

Girls Division Soccer Team

On the 18/7 we had our Year 5/6 Girls Soccer team represent BHPS at the Division Soccer event. We came 4th out of 8 schools. A huge thank you to the Mr Blennerhassett for coaching the girls. We are so proud of you ladies!

Hooptime Tryouts

We have held our Senior Hooptime tryouts and teams have been selected and stuck on the Gym door. Senior All Stars training has also begun, as this year the Senior All Stars team have a separate day to the rest of the Future Stars and Rookies which will be held later in the Term.

Senior All Stars Day – 3/8 Boronia Basketball Stadium

Senior Future Stars/Rookies Day – 7/9 Dandenong Stadium

Junior Hooptime Day – 6/9 Dandenong Stadium

Junior Tryouts will be held on the 31/7, 3/8 and 7/8. The teams will be selected and put on the Gym door at the end of Week 5.

Training schedules for Senior Future Stars and Rookies as well as all Junior teams will be placed on the Gym door as well to remind students. Students are expected to be at all training sessions.

If you are interested in coaching or scoring for your child’s team, please email me at You must have a current Working with Children Check and have signed the school code of conduct (this needs to be completed annually).


Taylah Smith
Physical Education Teacher and Sport Co-ordinator

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