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Teaching & Learning

Boronia Heights Primary School provides an exciting and diverse curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes to learning and to acquire skills that will equip them for their future education.

The school has exemplary Literacy and Numeracy programs. High student achievement is due to the structure and focused teaching at all levels. Underpinning all our curriculum is rigorous planning and high quality teaching utilising innovative learning strategies. Complementing the Literacy and Numeracy programs are Units of Inquiry, which require students to inquire and explore, interact with others and participate in shared problem solving and group decision making.

Boronia Heights Primary School uses the scope and sequence of the Victorian Curriculum.

Our intention is to make learning relevant and meaningful to the children, involving them in structured inquiry using their own experiences to assist them in gaining a greater understanding of the world.

To support students in their learning we offer Individual Learning Improvement Plans, a range of digital learning tools in all areas and access to extension and support programs. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques including pre/post testing for knowledge and skills, observations and analysis of book, project and practical work.

Detailed reports are given to parents in the middle and at the end of the school year and 3 Way Conferences are held in Terms 1 and 3 to discuss each child’s social and academic progress. As part of our Assessment and Reporting process at Boronia Heights Primary School we provide Student Portfolios of your child’s work each semester to assist students, parents and teachers in the reflection and reporting process.

Parental Involvement is enthusiastically encouraged. Literacy partnerships and our Student Transition Programs are carefully planned with the children’s needs as the focus. This includes K- Prep Transition, 6-7 transition and transition between year levels.

Boronia Heights Primary School offers a specialist program including: Music, Sport & Physical Education, German STEAM and Visual Arts.

Teachers use the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes to evaluate and improve their teaching practice.

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