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Beyond the Classroom

Boronia Heights acknowledges the diversity of learning styles, abilities, interests and talents.

To support this, we offer a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities including:

  • Peer Support Program
  • Buddy Program
  • Curriculum focussed Excursions
  • Sex Education
  • UNSW Competitions
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Junior and Senior Choirs
  • Musical Production
  • Swimming Instruction
  • Inter-school Sports
  • Camps
  • Junior School Council
  • Band
  • Transition Activities – Prep and Year 6
  • Literacy and Numeracy Support
  • Lunchtime Activities.
  • Bike Ed
  • Gardening Club
  • Public Speaking

Harvest to Table

Harvest to Table is an exciting program offered to the Year Three students at Boronia Heights Primary School. The aim of this program is to use authentic learning experiences to engage the students and teach them a range of real-life skills, knowledge and understanding across several key learning areas.

Students work towards learning outcomes from several syllabuses, including Mathematics (weighing, timing, measuring etc.), Science (how things grow, how heat affects objects etc.), Literacy (reading and interpreting recipes, instructions etc.), Health (food safety, healthy choices etc.) and Personal Development (working as a team, patience for plants and produce, managing emotions if vegetables don’t develop etc.). They will also further develop a greater understanding of environmental impact and sustainability.

Students work with fresh vegetables, fruits, and compost during the garden session. During kitchen time, the students will be cutting, preparing, handling food and cooking using various equipment, such as a stove and frypan. Students will also get the opportunity to eat the foods they harvest and cook.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

BHPS provides the opportunity for all Prep students to participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) on a weekly basis (term dates will be provided) PMP program builds fundamental skills that students apply in a range of day to day situations as well as within the classroom. It supports development of body perception, fine and gross motor skills, strength, fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, spatial awareness and eye tracking amongst other things.

The students are involved in a weekly equipment session in which they rotate through a range of activities. These activities change continually to ensure the students are constantly extended. In the Equipment Sessions students are given the opportunity to apply their skills in a range of situations. As this is a well-resourced program, they get to use a variety of equipment such as planks, ladders, boxes, balance boards and scooter boards amongst many other things. This program is complemented in floor sessions conducted by the Physical Education teacher which focuses on specific skill instruction and assessment

PMP provides a fun opportunity for parents to become a part of the school program in an engaging, hands-on situation as they facilitate at each station during the weekly equipment sessions.

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