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Boronia Heights Primary School has a German language program for all students from Prep to Year 6. We have a strong belief that learning another language not only widens a student’s cultural perspective but also enhances the knowledge of the English language and develops their confidence and problem solving skills.

We strive to embed a passion for languages at Boronia Heights Primary School and ensure that our students receive meaningful learning by creating units of work to suit their age level and ability. Our German lessons centre around the four main processes of reading, listening, writing and speaking. We have a large range of resources to keep our students engaged and focussed during lesson time, with an emphasis placed on communicative and game orientated activities as well as song.

In the Junior School our German lessons feature two characters – Felix and Franzi who help the children sing songs and learn everyday German language. The students love Felix and Franzi and use the characters to create and take part in role plays throughout their learning journey.

As we enter the Senior school, emphasis is placed on further learning and continuing to build their confidence in all four processes. By using their imagination and creativity, the students actively participate in role plays, writing letters to imaginary pen pals and relate their learning to their own life. Discussions centre around the differences and similarities between cultures and the language.

Throughout the year we celebrate our achievements in Assembly by awarding both individual and class awards.

In the past our Year 5 students have been invited to Heathmont College to take part in their German Day, the children are able to practise their German and be involved in many German cultural experiences.

As our Year 6’s come to the end of their learning journey at Boronia Heights Primary School, we celebrate with a lunch at the Cuckoo Restaurant to recognise their achievement. This enables our students to be fully immersed in the culture and use their knowledge to be able to order in the restaurant, sing songs and take part in various fun activities.

We look forward to taking your child on a fun filled journey learning German.

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