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Preps are Bucket Fillers

In Prep we have been learning about kindness and what it means to be kind. We have talked about Kind Words for Happy Hearts, the importance of sharing like the Rainbow Fish as well as introducing the ‘Bucket Filling Concept’. We discussed how everyone carries around an invisible bucket of feelings. ‘Bucket Fillers’ are people who do or say kind things to others which not only fills the other person’s bucket, but also their own. We agreed that we will not be ‘Bucket Dippers’, who pour out happiness from others buckets by saying or doing unkind things. We said that we will always strive to be ‘Bucket Fillers’ by looking out for and encouraging one another. The Preps were asked to think of a situation where they have been a bucket filler and draw a picture to match. Some examples of responses included:

I am a Bucket Filler when… 

“I cheer people on even if they are not coming first.” – Will  

“I help my friend Jason when he is hurt.” -Forrest  

“I ask people who are sad if they want to play with me.” -Lizzie 

 “I play nicely with my friends.” –  Richie

This, along with the Kind Words for Happy Hearts and Rainbow Fish sharing activities have been displayed in the Prep classrooms to reflect on throughout the year.


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