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I hope you’ve all had a great past couple of weeks. This update will be a short one from me this newsletter because unfortunately, like many of us in the community, I have been quite unwell and have had to take leave for the last six days. There’s some nasty bugs floating around at the moment. It’s a good reminder to parents to keep the kids home from school if they are unwell, as we don’t want these illnesses to continue to spread through the school. The ladies in the office are pretty vigilant when it comes to making phone calls home to parents when your child is feeling unwell. While it can be difficult at times when you’re at work and you receive a phone call from the school asking to pick your child up, hopefully you agree that the best thing for your child is for them to see a doctor and get plenty of rest at home.

Something I’m really excited to share with you is that we have a brand new podcast show called Boronia Broadcast. This is produced entirely by a small team of senior school students who are passionate about media arts. With the support of Mr Carlos Milan, Mr James Dean and Ms Ilusia Koronczewski, they have created an amazing show with special guest interviews, performances by students, and a few fun jokes and riddles to amuse the audience. I was honoured to be the first guest interviewee for the podcast, and I was astounded at the high production level of the show. Congratulations to the podcast team for putting this together. You’ll undoubtedly want to check it out yourselves, so head to our website, go to the Parents tab and you’ll find it under Boronia Broadcast Podcast. Happy listening!

That’s all from me this time around. Stay happy and healthy and I’ll see you around next week.

Mat Anderton

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