A huge thank you to my lovely House Captains this year, as always, the P.E. program can’t run without the support I have from these students throughout the year. Thank you for cutting up puzzle pieces at the start of the year, to helping me each week set up 3/4 and 5/6 sport, for helping me with prep transition and getting Interschool Sport ready. I have appreciated working with each one of you and wish you all the best next year in High School.

Below are some words from each House Captain and their experiences this year.



I loved being the House Captain of Green house. It was an amazing experience. There were a number of things I particularly enjoyed about my role, especially filming the assemblies and helping out with the prep transitions. The position was more difficult than it seems but learning and achieving success really boosted my confidence. Being a house captain opened up many opportunities and made my year a lot more fun!


Having the opportunity as a House Captain has given me a great experience. Taking responsibility and gaining maturity, enjoyment working with Miss Russell and fellow house captains, also rewarding as I was able to help younger students develop new skills and learn new games.



I like being a House Captain because I get to help out with setting up for 5/6 and 3/4 sport. I learnt to be better at teamwork and help people when they need it. My favourite part about being a House Captain is that I got to work and be with my friends while helping Mrs Russell.


Being a sport captain is a big responsibility and it takes time to get used to at first. Sometimes it’s stressful filming assembly’s and setting up active club and getting to school before any other students for term 2&3 but it gets easier over time it’s a process that takes a while it’s enjoyable, fun, exciting and it’s worth it. I loved having the opportunity to be a sport captain with my friends for my last year of primary school. I am thankful for the chance to be leader and represent my school boronia heights primary school.



My name is Campbell Butler and I had the privilege of being one of your 2022 Montana (Red) house captains. I have wanted to be a house captain for a very long time because I love sport and it is a good way to be more involved in sport. I was very proud when I got the position and I have tried very hard to be a good leader for the school community and Ms Russell. I have enjoyed representing the school in many sporting activities and assisting in the prep transition and watching how excited they are to start school next year. I am sad to leave my position as house captain and I hope I have made you all proud. I wish the new leaders all the best next year. I hope maybe one day I can be house captain at my high school using all the skills I have learnt at BHPS. Thanks Guys.


Hello, I’m Caden and I’m one of the 2022 House Captains. I have loved being a Montana house captain. I have learnt so much over the past year and it’s hard to pick just one favourite part! I loved filming assembly, Active Club, 5/6 sport, 3/4 sport setup and going to school early to help with interschool sports. But the best part is just helping the whole school, along with 7 other people who are good at assisting, being great friends and being good house captains. I am so grateful to attend Boronia Heights in 2022 so I can experience the best moments, whether it is being silly, or helping kids at their primary school orientation, or just simply being with my best mates!



I’ve had many years at Boronia Heights and through out all those years I loved PE. When I got the chance to become a house captain I jumped at the chance. This year as a house captain for BHPS I got to, speak at assemblies, I love public speaking so it was it was really good practice. I also got to lead, jumping a bit out of my comfort zone but it was really good experience. I also had the chance to chat with my peers, I didn’t know much about my fellow house captains but now we’re good friends. Being a house captain, I had to set up ¾ and 5/6 sport on Tuesday and Wednesday lunch times giving me time to talk to my peers letting me know more about them. At assemblies I got to hand out awards to others students. Being a house captain has brought me so many happy memories that I’ll remember forever. I’ll miss not being a house captain at BHPS.


Being a House Captain is really fun. There are many things I enjoyed doing. I loved filming for assembly and absolutely loved speaking in front of the whole school at the last live assembly. I learned to be responsible and many other good traits. My favourite thing about being a House Captain was being a leader of the whole school.


Taylah Russell
Physical Education & Sport Coordinator


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