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This week our First Nations students, together with their friends, met with Vanessa Murdoch (EACH -Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing), Angela Thurbon (Knox Council Community Projects Worker – Youth) and Lea Jones (KESO) to learn about bush tucker. Brax MC and Ben L started our morning reading our school’s Acknowledgment to Country together. Vanessa then spoke about how the land was a supermarket for aboriginal peoples where they could find all they needed for a good and balanced diet. We discussed which bushes and trees provide bush tucker, including pepper berry, quandong, salt bush and lemon myrtle, as well as meat from barramundi and kangaroo. And we were reminded that eating is not just about the food but also about spending time with family and friends talking over a meal shared together.

The students then made a bush tomato dip and a native bush dukkah which they enjoyed eating together with crusty bread and crackers.  We look forward to Vanessa and Ange coming again to teach us more about bush tucker in Term 3.

Sarah McIntosh
Student Welfare





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