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CARE Ticket Winners


Term 3 Week 1


Mason – 1D Ella – 1D
Sophie – 2B Tommy – 3B


Ryan – 4A Ajay – 5C
Zach – 5C Isabella – 6B

Student of the Week

Monet of the Week

Term 3 Week 1

Prep A Logan H Prep B Zac
Prep C Teddy Prep D James
1A Isla 1B Eva
1C Max 1D Jayden
2A Evie C 2B Liam
2C Charlotte 2D Alyssa
3A Ella 3B Tommy
3C Charlotte
4A Josh 4B Jade
4C Lachlan
5A Aiden 5B Ari
5C Chloe B
6A Sophie 6B Isabella
6C Gabriels  
Maestro of the Week Alex V 6A Sportsperson of the Week Anita K 1D
Inventors COG Award Xavier 1C German Award Charlene Prep D
Monet of the Week Harper W 6B Monet of the Week Will C 5B
Monet of the Week Luke B 6C Monet of the Week Madelyn S 6B
Monet of the Week Kayla C 6C

Monets of the Week Term 3 Week 1

Year 5&6 – Identity Masks

The Year 5 & 6 artists planned and designed a mask that communicates their unique self and identity. They used modroc to mould an interesting facial form and a range of materials to bring their ideas to life. Each part of the design was carefully created to symbolise an important part of their identity.

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