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World Teacher’s Day – Hats off to teachers

World teacher’s’ Day is held annually to celebrate teachers around the globe.  We celebrate the critical role of teachers in transforming learners’ potential by ensuring they have the tools they need to take responsibility for themselves, for others and for the planet. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) established World Teacher’s Day in 1994 to recognise the role of teachers in our community.

Last Friday we celebrated World Teachers’ Day. This year’s theme, ‘The transformation of education begins with teachers’, has never rung truer.  Over the past few year’s teachers have been required to transform at a rapid pace, sometimes even daily. As always teachers have risen to every challenge. Our teachers make a difference every day. World Teachers’ Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and thank our teachers for the important role in our community and for the positive impact they have on the lives of students. We thank teachers for ‘teaching through every moment’. We acknowledge and show appreciation for the many ways teachers support and inspire our students.

I am positive that everyone can remember a teacher who changed their life because they deeply cared about each individual student and their wellbeing and learning.

Last Friday we thanked BHPS staff for being amazing teachers who are passionate about our students. What a blessing our staff are to our students’ families and wider community. On behalf of our school community, I wish to say a HUGE thank you for being so inspiring.

Music Performance

Next Friday 11th November Mr Fox and Ms Hansen will lead our Junior School Choir, Senior School Choir and School Band in a performance for our local 3-year-old kindergarten students.  At this time of year, it is always great to have a very authentic performance opportunity for our choirs and school band in front of a very welcoming audience. We look forward to celebrating with our local kindergarten students and welcoming them into our school. A special morning tea will be offered after the performance. Thank you to our amazing music students who will be involved in this incursion.

Bike Education

I know I have mentioned our talented Year 4 students in our assembly video but a big shout out to all students and staff involved in Bike Education. We are so grateful that we have fantastic spaces for our students to practice their riding skills and work on the safety features of their bikes.  We are grateful for our trained staff in Ms Russell, Ms O’Neil, Ms Mason and Mr North for taking our students and preparing them to ride safely in the community making them aware of all the important aspects of safely riding a bike. Let’s not forget the engagement and fun that the students are having. A wonderful program that needs to be celebrated and encouraged.

Whole School Assembly

Next Friday will be having a lovely assembly congratulating students who have had success in Maths Olympiad. Also, Jackson Taylor will be awarding special awards from the writing competition our students entered into. I warmly welcome our community to this assembly. It will start at 2:30pm so please be seated by then if you are joining us.


Please make sure your child has a hat at school.  I know that the last few weeks the weather has been all over the place, but the Sun Smart Policy states that students wear a hat when outside in Term 1 and 4.

Keeping up to date

The last 8 weeks are really busy with wonderful opportunities for students to be involved in many activities especially incursions ands excursions.  Please keep yourself up to date with everything that is on offer for your child by regularly logging in to Compass.

Have a great weekend.

Leanne Jennings

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