BioEYES+ Monash University Incursion

On Thursday 9th November a select group of Year 3 & 4 students participated in an incursion facilitated by Monash University as part of the Boronia Heights High Abilities Program.

Students had a fantastic time engaging with the hands-on science incursion where they conducted their own investigation into biomedical science using live zebrafish.

“Amazing, it was really interactive and we got to do fun things!” – Samuel O

“It was really really fun, I loved when we looked in the microscopes and it was very interesting.” – Madison T

Students learned about how Zebrafish are popular animal models in biomedical research and education due to their rapid development, genetic similarity to humans and their transparent embryonic development.

In the inquiry-based workshop, using live zebrafish, students practised using the scientific method by posing questions, creating hypotheses, making biological observations and drawing conclusions.

In their own experiment, students observed the physical and behavioural traits of zebrafish, saw how offspring inherit genes and used a microscope to observe the transparent embryos and larvae. Students observed first-hand the embryonic stem cells of the zebrafish, early organ development as well as the beating heart and circulation. Students also learned about how Monash University biomedical scientists use zebrafish in their cutting-edge research into various human diseases.

Thank you to Jenny and the Biomedicine team at Monash University for coming to Boronia Heights!

Emma Mason

High Ability Practice Leader


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