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P.E Art Work

This year students across the entire school coloured in their own sporting equipment for our ‘we all fit together’ wall. Each year level has their own sport equipment. This wall signifies to each student at BHPS that we are all one, we all respect one another and we all work together as one big unit in P.E lessons and every day school life.




District Swimming

A huge congratulations to the 22 students who attended and swam at the BHPS Swimming Trials in Week 2. You all did a fantastic job and I was so proud to see so many new faces try out this year. We have 15 students heading to District Swimming on the 24th of Feb to represent BHPS! I look forward to seeing how you go! Go BHPS!

NRL Clinic

Last year we applied for an NRL Clinic to attend BHPS and we were very fortunate to receive the Clinic by the National Rugby League. Students who were lucky enough to attend on the day, enjoyed learning new skills and having fun with their peers. A huge thank you to Lenny Mason for teaching our students and taking the time out of your day to come and share your knowledge with all of us.

They are holding FREE NRL clinics in the area. If you are at all interested please look at the flyer below.


Taylah Smith
Health and Physical Education Teacher & Sport Coordinator


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