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Technology in Year 5

Every year Year 5 students research, design and create a business as part of their Business and Economics Inquiry Unit. This learning is consolidated on Year 5 Market Day, where students sell their products to the rest of the school. This year students have used their tech skills to create branding for their businesses on the app Sketches as seen below. Google Classroom has also been used confidently to itemise and calculate the total cost of the materials/ingredients needed to produce their product.

Using technology to help us spell in Year 1!

Throughout the year, the students in Year 1 have been enhancing our learning through the use of our collection of IPADS. We have spent time on various apps such as Reading Eggs, Get Epic and most recently Mathletics.

This week, the students learnt about the camera function which allowed them to explore our phonics focus for the week, the ‘or’ sound and the many different ways we can spell that sound.

During Reading, students were tasked with locating words that contained this digraph somewhere in the classroom and then taking a picture of it. Students raced against each other to see how many examples they could find!

Year 1 Team

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