Cyber Safety Project

The Year 6 students have been participating in the Cyber Safety Project throughout this year. To complement the learning they have done, they took part in a whole class interactive Minecraft game, which focussed on digital citizenship, and explored the concepts of digital theft, media literacy, sharing and harassment. 

Students took turns playing the game, during which they had to navigate through different sections and collaboratively decide on which option was the correct one in an online world. Some of the challenges they faced were having to choose the most appropriate way of sharing information, whether that be a private or public post, and having someone constantly harassing them through a chat box. They also explored ways to deal with someone stealing their design and claiming it as their own. 

Students live, learn and work in an interconnected digital world, so it is important that they understand how to act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical. This interactive tool helped the students to learn a little more about how to do this, while having a lot of fun playing the game.


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