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Cyber Safety Project

We are excited to be continuing our work with the Cyber Safety Project to create cyber safe communities! You can find more information about them on their website –

Our students participate in lessons in the classroom throughout the year to help empower them to self-manage their own privacy and security and to be responsible when using technology. We also have our whole school participating in a Cyber Safety Incursion next week, so please make sure you have checked Compass for the event details and given permission. Staff will also be provided with a Professional Development session to stay informed on current trends and tools in teaching students to take control of their own digital safety and wellbeing. We also strongly encourage our families to engage with the Parent Webinar Series throughout the year or access the recorded sessions if you are unable to attend on the night. See below for more information regarding the Parent Webinar Series.

Parent Webinar Series 2023

The Cyber Safety Project’s new approach offers our families, the choice to attend all of some of the following webinars to meet your needs. It also gives the ability to provide in-depth information about key concerns we know families are grappling with in 2023. All live webinars will be recorded and on-demand 24 hours after the live date and will stay available via the link for the remainder of the year.

Cyber Safety Project Parent Webinar Series 2023 Dates:

TERM 1: Plan, Prevent, Protect: Thursday 16th Feb @ 7:30pm

TERM 2: Safety on the Socials: Tuesday 9th May @ 7:30pm

TERM 3: Gaming and Your Family: Wednesday 26th July @ 7:30pm

TERM 4: Digital Balance & Wellbeing: Tuesday 17th October @ 7:30pm

Registration/Rewatch Link:

Don’t miss the first webinar TONIGHT!


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