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Year 5 are Tech Savy!

Our fabulous Year 5 students have continued to demonstrate their tech knowledge this term, using their iPad in both numeracy and literacy. We published our Tanka poems as part of our poetry unit and created a variety of graphs to represent data collected and collated by the students.

The Cyber Safety Project webinars

The Cyber Safety Project’s first live parent/guardian webinar, “Plan, Prevent, Protect” had a successful launch with parents and guardians across the nation joining in. The recording for this session is still available for you to log on and watch on-demand. All recordings of all sessions will be available until 31 December 2023. Follow this link to watch Webinar 1.

The live Term 2 webinar is on next week on Tuesday May 9th at 7:30pm. The focus of next webinar is “Safety on the Socials”. Topics covered in this webinar are:
– The big 5 social media platforms (TikTok, BeReal, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord)
– Public vs private profiles
– Online chat and messaging apps
– Managing unwanted contact
– Mis and disinformation
– Cyberbullying and Image Based Abuse
– Pornography
– Parental controls and settings

Click here to register your interest in attending.

These webinars are free for our school community to access due to our partnership with the Cyber Safety Project.

BHPS strongly encourages our families to engage with the webinars to upskill yourselves and support your children to safely navigate the online world. These webinars help to raise your awareness so you are informed on what apps/platforms your child may be using now and in the future.


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