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Have you heard??? ?

                  The Hubsters need YOU!!!


Who are the Hubsters? 

The Hubsters are the members of the BHPS Community Hub and we are the Fundraising and Events group for the school. We are Parents, Guardians and Staff who volunteer our time to organise the many events throughout the school year to help raise funds for equipment around the school.

We are currently raising money for NEW Playgrounds including the Year 5/6 and Year 3/4 areas. But we cannot do this without the support of the school community and that means YOU.

The events we organise need many volunteers and co-ordinators to ensure success.

Come join our meetings, meet new people and enjoy hot drinks, cake and nibbles – and find out how you can help Bring the Unity to our Community. 

Would you like more information on what the Hubsters do, or how you can help? Contact Leia Barrett via the BHPS Community Hub Facebook Page.

Get Ready……

The BHPS Easter Raffle 2023 is COMING!!!!!!



The Hubsters



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